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Lydia's CLothing Closet
operation warm up coats.png
operation warm up coats.png

At Lydia’s Closet, we provide free clothing to people in need. Professional wear, maternity, men’s, women’s and children’s items available. If we don’t have the size you require, take a “raincheck” and we will do our best to appeal to the community for what you ask for.Our friendly volunteers will help you choose from our shelves and clothes racks. 

What to Expect When Visiting Lydia's Closet

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Please note that our opening times have changed. We are now open two days a week on Mondays and Thursdays between 10am and 1pm only. If those times are difficult for you, please call the office on 269 415 0767 to arrange an appointment. 

An alternative to a visit or an appointment is to call/email us with your needs, sizes and favorite colors. Don't forget to leave your name and contact number also! We can put together a bag of items for you to pick up. Please allow 2-3 days for us to fulfill your request. 

boutique stand.jpg

NEW! We have a small "boutique" area with some special items to provide our guests with something to smile about! Because they are special we allow one item per visit!

Psalm 93:1

Our Lord, you are King!
    Majesty and power
    are your royal robes.
You put the world in place,
    and it will never be moved. (CEV)

Opening Times

Mondays 10am- 1pm*

Thursdays 10am-1pm*

*Please note last entry 20 minutes before closing time

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Look out for our Donation Updates on our Facebook Page. We post weekly our needs for stocking the closet. We take up to two bags or boxes per donation drop, just so we do not get overwhelmed! 

Lydia's Closet UPD 2022.png

We are no longer accepting shoes- except for winter boots!

Lydia's Clothing Closet is named after Lydia in the book of Acts in the Bible.

She was a Fashion Designer in that day!

Acts 16:14-16 tells her story…

“On the Sabbath, we left the city and went down along the river where we had heard there was to be a prayer meeting. We took our place with the women who had gathered there and talked with them. One woman, Lydia, was from Thyatira and a dealer in expensive textiles, known to be a God-fearing woman. As she listened with intensity to what was being said, God gave her a trusting heart—and she believed!” (the Message Version)

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