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Emergency assistance

If you need financial assistance for an emergency, please call the office during opening hoursor email us as a first step. For utility shutoffs and evictions, we ask that you apply for State Emergency Relief first through DHHS or MIBridges -

Anyone we assist with financial support is required to be interviewed by one of our caring volunteers over the phone. During that confidential meeting, we will assist you in identifying your most crucial needs, complete an intake questionnaire, and identify the services we offer that can help you. On many occasions, we also have knowledge and contact information of resources for those needs outside of our scope. We will pray for you and your family if you wish it.


      Before we can help with any financial assistance we require copies of

  • The past due or shutoff notice, eviction notice or lease.

  • Your proof of income

  • Any DHHS decision notice.

  • A list of monthly household expenses and income

To help you efficiently and as quickly as possible you must get these documents to us either through email : or make arrangements to drop them off at our office.

We currently have funding available for emergency needs. Please be sure to read requirements above to make sure you have what you need to apply. This will mean we can help you more efficiently


Our office number is 269 415 0767 and our email is

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