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Support our mission

Support what God is doing in East Van Buren County! Together we can do so much more.

There has never been a more urgent need for helping our neighbors in Van Buren County as now. Rising costs of fuel, utilities and food have impacted all of us but especially households on fixed income, low income and working families living on or just above the poverty line. We have also seen a rise in clients who are homeless. 


United Christian Services is a place where families and individuals can turn to when in crisis. We provide relief for anyone facing emergencies, but we need your help to continue our work of providing food, clothing and financial assistance.

Please help us support in our work, consider making a donation today. 

There are two ways to make your donation

OR by check -made payable to United Christian Services- send  to:

United Christian Services

600 E Michigan Ave,

Paw Paw, MI 49079

How UCS is helping people in our community:

  • We help people in our community to keep the lights on, heat their homes, and avoid eviction.
  • We help people find resources and equip them with support services.
  • We provide through The Porch free fruit, vegetables, and bread twice a week for anyone in need.
  • We give away clothes for free: professional wear, men's, women's, and children's clothing, through Lydia's Closet.
  • We can offer budgeting guidance through Reality Days and individual guidance through our Dollars and Sense program. 
Often, when other agencies can't help, we are there!
One never expects to face an emergency, but it can happen to anyone. Just one emergency, like a car breaking down, a medical emergency, or a house fire can derail a household's budget for months. Sadly, we see stories like this every day.
Here is the impact your donation can make: 
  • $700 provides a rent deposit for a homeless client.
  • $500 supplies propane for a family during the winter months.
  • $250 pays an electric bill for a household facing shut-off.
  • $100 pays for  a night in a hotel someone homeless living in the woods or their car.
  • $100 provides personal care items and cleaning supplies, for a month.
  • $50 equips a client with a gas card to get to work for a few days.
  • $25 covers laundry for a family for a week. 

Partner with us:

United Christian Services is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Federal ID #82-2904639) and is supported by donations from churches and individuals, and a United Way grant.

All donations received stays local and helps people in Van Buren County. This organization is completely run by volunteers which means that the majority of your donation directly impacts the need in our community.

Help us by donating today!
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